A Valaisan restaurant

Located in front of lake Grenon in Montana

Route des Sommets de Crans 5

963 Crans Montana

Simple cuisine with local and seasonal products: from alpine serác to Valais sausages, cheese and meat fondues with specialties, and our homemade desserts.

Daniele Valent

Restaurant très accueillant. Personnel de la salle à manger très gentil et professionnel.
Produit de haute qualité.
Je recommande absolument.

gala xie

Un demi-poulet au citron de toute beauté

Mari Becker

The ex-owner of the old Merbé, one of the most charming mountain restaurants, could not stay away for long...:) Stefano is back and opened a new cosy place in Crans Montana. Au Greni is typical, simple and yet has a refined chart of wines, and not just a good swiss cuisine but some old italian recepies from Merbé, as the "patrón" is from Sicilu but raised in Switzerland. If you miss Merbé, you should go. If you dont, I strongly recommend trying and taste the experience.

Eglantier Fleuri

Un accueil magnifique. Bons produits du terroir . Un coquelet à la broche qui nous a ravi!! On ne peut que le recommander chaleureusemen

Route des Sommets de Crans 5, 3963 Crans Montana   |   +41 (0) 27 481 24 43

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